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In situations where much of the same information is needed on a new submission (of the same form type), such as reapplying for a permit, or applying for another permit of the same type in a different location, a copy of a submission can be made in order to create a new submission using the copy feature described here.

This topic describes how to copy an existing form submission as a new form submission.

The Copy As New feature is not available in all installations. This feature will also be disabled in situations where the form has changed significantly.


  1. Open the Submission Overview form using the steps described in the View a Submission topic, if not already open.
  2. Click the Copy as New button.
  3. The submitter will be asked to confirm that they want to make a copy of the submission.
  4. Confirm the copy at the prompt and a copy of the submission will be opened in edit mode. At this point in the process, the user will be able to follow the same steps used to submit the original form to submit a new, unrelated, form.

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